《go语言网络编程》.pdf by Adam Woodbeck Network Programming with Go

Network Programming with Go

by Adam Woodbeck
Released March 2021
Publisher(s): No Starch Press
ISBN: 9781718500884

Network Programming with Go》分别有Jan Newmarch与 Adam Woodbeck 撰写的两个不同版本。网络上流传比较多为 Jan Newmarch 编写的,为开源版本,发布在GitHub上https://tumregels.github.io/Network-Programming-with-Go,在线阅读可以访问https://tumregels.github.io/Network-Programming-with-Go/ ,Jan Newmarch的这本go 网络编程,内容较为浅显,多为点到为止,适合入门了解。

Adam Woodbeck 版的 《Network Programming with Go》 内容更为丰富,知识讲解更为详尽。非开源书籍,可以通过O’Reilly购买。如下为O’Reilly关于 Network Programming with Go 的内容简介:

Book description

Go combines the best parts of many other programming languages. It’s fast, scalable, and designed for high-performance networking and multiprocessing—in other words, it’s perfect for network programming.

Network Programming with Go is for developers ready to start leveraging Go’s ease of use for writing secure, readable, production-ready network code. Early chapters establish a foundation of networking and traffic-routing know-how upon which the rest of the book builds. You’ll put that knowledge to use as author Adam Woodbeck guides you through writing programs that communicate using TCP, UDP, Unix sockets, and other features that ensure reliable data transmission. As you progress, you’ll explore higher-level network protocols like HTTP and HTTP/2, then build applications that securely interact with servers, clients, and APIs over a network using TLS.

In addition, Woodbeck shows you how to create a simple messaging protocol, develop tools for monitoring network traffic, craft a custom web server, and implement best practices for interacting with cloud providers using their SDKs. Along the way, you’ll learn:

•IP basics for writing effective network programs, such as IPv4 and IPv6 multicasting, ports, and network address translation
•How to use handlers, middleware, and multiplexers to build capable HTTP-based applications with minimal code
•The OSI and TCP/IP models for layered data architectures
•Methods for reading data from/writing data to a network connection, like the type-length-value encoding scheme
•Tools for incorporating authentication and encryption into your applications using TLS, like mutual authentication
•How to serialize data for storage or transmission in Go-friendly formats like JSON, Gob, XML, and protocol buffers
•How to Leverage Go’s code generation support to efficiently communicate with gRPC-based network services

So get ready to take advantage of Go’s built-in concurrency, rapid compiling, and rich standard library. Because when it comes to writing robust network programs, it’s Go time.


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